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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to wear to play bowls

When you first try bowls you will need a pair of flat heelless shoes, you can wear casual clothes during your initial coaching sessions.   Club members play internal matches in white shirts or blouses and grey trousers or skirts, white trousers or skirts are also worn on days identified in the fixtures book.   Club shirts are worn in matches against other clubs.  A blazer with club badge is worn when travelling to other clubs and a club tie or ladies club flash is available.  You may also need a set of waterproof outer clothes for playing in the rain and a hat to keep off the sun.  Some people also buy gloves to help them grip the bowls.


What equipment do I need to have to play bowls

A set of bowls.  You will use club bowls during the coaching sessions but will need your own set of 4 once you join the club, the coach will advise on the size and type of bowl you will need to buy.  A lot of members start with second- hand bowls.

A measure.  At times you will play in a position where you need to identify which bowls are closest to the jack, a string measure is used when it is difficult to decide which of two opposing bowls is closest

A piece of chalk (or spray)  to mark a bowl that touches the jack on delivery

Wedges to stop a bowl falling over while being measured.  

Some people also buy stuff to help them grip the bowls

How soon would I be allowed to play in games against other clubs

You will be eligible to play as soon as you become a member

What duties will I be expected to perform as part of my membership

Steward rota (men) – occasionally be responsible for opening up the club and getting the green ready for play,

Tea rota (ladies) – on occasion make teas for the games against other clubs

There are a several ways that you can optionally help the club including: Shopping, joining the Social committee, taking part in working parties, representing the club for bowls associations etc.